Crystals And Creativity: 5 Best Crystals To Boost Inspiration

Whether you're an artist, musician, writer, or anyone in the creative field, you must have faced a creativity roadblock where you wait and wait for inspiration to hit you, but there's nothing.

Blank document, blank canvas, blank mind. Scary, isn't it?

But don't worry. There are several crystals for creativity that can help you get out of your creativity roadblock, channel your focus, and get your creative juices overflowing!

Here Are The 5 Best Crystals for Creativity and Inspiration


  1. Carnelian for Creativity and Motivation.
  2. Apatite for Inspiration and Inner Peace.
  3. Orange Calcite for Clarity and Positivity.
  4. Tiger's Eye for Unlocking Blocked Creativity.
  5. Clear Quartz for Amplifying Ideas.


1.   Carnelian for Creativity and Motivation


Color: Carnelian crystal colors range from Brownish red to orange.

Species: Chalcedony

Source: Brazil, India, Uruguay

Chakra: Base

Carnelian Crystal boosts your creativity and gives you an air of self-confidence to achieve your goals. While Carnelian can enhance creativity for everyone, it is compelling for writers struggling with writer's block.

It is a power stone that gives you the motivation to break through your block and is one of the best crystals for writing inspiration. Since Carnelian is deeply associated with the root chakras, it roots your body and soul to the earth. It brings in a powerful life force, creative energy, and the motivation to keep going.

One thing you may not know about Carnelian is that it cleanses and charges other crystals by simply placing your Carnelians near your other crystals.You can place the stone in your workspace (preferably on your desk) to enhance your creativity. You can also hold it while you meditate and allow the crystal to ground you.

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2.   Apatite for Inspiration and Inner Peace

apatiteColor: Apatite can take on a variety of different colors, from shades of blues and yellows but also greens, pinks, and violets. In fact, Apatite crystals can also be colorless.

Species: Apatite

Source: Mexico, Norway, Russia, USA

Chakra: Base & Third eye

Apatite is fabulous for clearing confusion, apathy, and negativity and stimulates the intellect by giving your creativity, concentration, and memory a boost.

It's another powerful stone for writers who need a little extra help to commit to an important project like writing a book. It is a mighty stone for anyone who wants to expand on their skills as singers and public speakers.

Apatite is a profoundly spiritual crystal and has a significant impact on your mental health and well-being. It is said to inspire and help with motivation and openness. It also helps with creativity and socialization. 

Whenever you feel run down or overly emotional, hold or carry apatite with you. You can also place it on your work desk or any place you deem appropriate.

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3.   Orange Calcite for Clarity and Positivity

 orange calcite

Color: Light to dark orange

Species: Calcite

Source: USA, UK, Belgium, Peru, Iceland, Romania, Brazil, to name a few

Chakra: All depending on its color, Orange Calcite works well with the lower chakras

Orange Calcite helps release your creative energy and gets positive energy moving within your body. It increases your confidence and self-esteem and enables you to achieve anything you set your mind to.

Just by looking at the crystal, you may notice that it mimics the sun. It releases uplifting rays of energy that release vital endorphins throughout the body. It assists in relighting the fire inside you that helps you achieve any and all of your burning desires.

You'll find that while you're working with Orange Calcite, you'll be able to embrace yourself in your own skin and cultivate a more positive aura.

meditating with orange calcite

You can place Orange Calcite in your bedroom, maybe even under your pillow, to get the best out of it. You can even carry it with you should you feel like it.

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4.   Tiger's Eye for Unlocking Blocked Creativity

 tiger's eye

Color: Gold Yellow, Gold brown

Species: Quartz

Source: South Africa, Australian Burma, India, Namibia, and the USA

Chakra: Solar plexus, Third eye

Tiger's Eye predominantly works as a Sunstone, representing the ultimate source of light, warmth, and life on earth. Like the animal it's named after, Tiger's Eye symbolises courage, power, and fearlessness. It is another powerful crystal for writers because it cultivates focus and dedication.

If you're running really close to a deadline, take advantage of your Tiger's Eye since it's known to bring about mental clarity and focus. It can also help you while you proofread since it is known to help with problem-solving.

You can place this powerful dynamic stone near your front door or your windows. You can even carry it in your bag or your pocket or hold it while you meditate.

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5.   Clear Quartz for Amplifying Ideas

 clear quartzColor: As the name suggests, Clear Quartz is transparent, clear, and striated.

Species: Quartz

Source: Worldwide, mainly Brazil, Madagascar, USA & the Alps

Chakra: All

Clear Quartz has a glacial appearance that sings of purity, coolness, and balance.

clear quartz tower point

While Clear Quartz has a long list of benefits, it is terrific for artists and anyone in the creative industry.


Because Clear Quartz is an Amplifier of Energy. Whatever you pour into your Quartz, it will return tenfold.

If you find your flow all of a sudden, Clear Quartz will ensure that your flow continues smoothly. It helps you focus and brings mental clarity. The clarity of the different faces of the Quartz can help spark your memory, hone your concentration, and help you find your balance.

If you're looking for inspiration, Clear Quartz will not only spark your imagination but also help you see with clarity the best path to move forward with your work.

Keep it near the place you practice your yoga or meditation. Should you want to carry it with you, you can place it in your pocket or bag. You can also place it with your other crystals because Clear Quartz amplifies the power of the crystals it’s placed with.

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And that was the last one!

We've listed the 5 Best Crystals for Inspiration & Creativity in this blog; you can choose one or more than one to help you get your creative juices flowing.

There is no reason to struggle with your creative endeavours when Mother Nature has given you the best tools to spark your imagination and get out of a creative rut. 

“Crystals have been used for centuries to promote serenity and as a tool for meditation. They can be helpful allies in our quest for calm.”

Amy Leigh Mercree