Interesting Crystal facts and their history

There is so much to say about crystals, they have been around for billions (yes BILLIONS!!) of years and many civilizations before us have appreciated their beauty and mystery surrounding them.

Let’s take a dive into the fascinating science and history of healing crystals, we explain a bit of the history of healing crystals and give you fun facts about healing crystals.

We divided the blog in 12 sections, each answers a question listed below.

  1. What is a crystal?
  2. How are they formed?
  3. What is the largest geode in the world?
  4. Crystals, stones or gemstones?
  5. What are some unusual popular crystals that are actually not crystals?
  6. Why crystals?
  7. What is crystal healing?
  8. Does colour matter when choosing a crystal?
  9. How do crystals effect the chakras?
  10. How and Why do we need to cleanse our crystals?
  11. How do I set the intention and work with crystals?
  12. How do I use these crystals directly on my body?

1. What is a crystal? 

A crystal is a solid body composed of atoms, molecules or ions that have formed and arranged in a crystalline structure.

 clear quartz healing crystal

Crystals are the earth’s DNA, a chemical imprint of evolution

The Crystal Bible, Judy Hall.

Amethyst point

Amethyst point recharging in our garden 

amythyst point on holder

The same Amethyst crystal displayed in our living room

2. How are they formed?

Crystals are naturally formed in the earth by the alignment of minerals over time when liquids cool and start to harden such as magma or when water evaporates from a mixture. Watch this fun and simple YouTube video for more detail.

Some crystals are more brittle than others and therefore more difficult to cut and polish into smooth round crystals, like Selenite for instance. Remember, no one crystal is perfect... even strange, shaped ones can be very attractive and can be used for healing or as decoration.

amethyst on living room table

Uneven Raw Amethyst piece on our client's living room table

selenite stick

Selenite stick

Fun crystal fact: Did you know that Selenite is used in paints, tiles, drywalls, blackboard chalks, fertilisers, and Plaster of Paris? 

3. What is the largest geode in the world? 

"...the Uruguayan amethyst geode currently located at the in Byron Bay, Australia weighs in at over 44,000 lbs (20,000 kg). It measures 18 feet (5.5m) wide. Dubbed the "Enchanted Cave" it was reportedly found by a farmer in Artigas, Uruguay." info curtesy of 

The largest known amethyst geode from Uruguay weighing over 44,000 lbs and measuring 18 feet wide.

The "Enchanted Cave"

An amethyst cathedral measuring a staggering 21 feet (6.5m high from Uruguay.

An amethyst cathedral measuring 21 feet (6.5m high) from Uruguay (picture curtesy of

4. Crystals, stones or gemstones?

The word "crystal" and the word "stone" or "gemstone" have their own meaning depending on whether you are a gem collector, a geologist or an architect for instance.

In healing, the word “crystal” and “stone” are typically used interchangeably.

5. What are some unusual popular crystals that are actually not crystals? 

In the world of crystal healing we tend to refer to some types of stones and wood as "healing crystals" when in reality they are not actual crystals.

Petrified Wood 

petrified wood

Petrified Wood, for instance, is considered a healing crystal. It's basically wood that has turned into rock through the process of petrification. Wikipedia defines Petrifaction as "... the result of a tree or tree-like plants having been replaced by stone via a mineralization process". 

It comes in all shapes and sizes, the piece in the pic above that we have at home is about 5cm long.

What's so special about Petrified Wood? As starters, it can be over 390 million years old. It is considered the "stone" of transformation that teaches us that change/ transformation doesn't need to be fast and furious it can be a slow, gentle and lasting process. 


pyrite on wood in garden

Pyrite is also knows as "Fool's Gold"

"The term was often used during the California gold rush in the 1840s because inexperienced prospectors would claim discoveries of gold, but in reality it would be pyrite..." (more info here)

This is a strong stone, it feels tough, even when writing about it it makes me think of a shield. In healing circles it's used for protection from negative energy and also to help you activate/manifest abundance. I don't mean just money ;) but prosperity in which ever area of life you set your intention on...friendship, work, self fulfilment name it! 

How about a crystal that you probably didn't know was a crystal?

Meet the Desert Rose! 

desert rose on wood in garden

Also known as Selenite Rose, as the name implies it is only found in deserts mainly in Tunisia, Algeria and Lybia. It is sold to tourists and provides a sustainable income for the locals. 

It has traditionally been used as a talisman for protection, it is said to help with inflammation and regeneration of the body. It has a light, soft energy to it. 

6. Why crystals?

They are attractive to the human eye, they are billions of years old and they are simply magical!

Crystals have been used for thousands of years by our ancestors, there is a great book out there called “Crystal Lore, Legends & Myths: The Fascinating History of the World's Most Powerful Gems and Stones” Perrakis, that explains in more detail the history behind some of the most popular crystals and how they were used by the Egyptians and the Romans to name a few civilisations.

 Pinterest Amulet of lapis lazuli, turquoise, carnelian & gold

 Egyptian Amulet of Lapis Lazuli, turquoise, carnelian & gold (Pinterest)

7. What is crystal healing?

Crystal healing is not a modern-day practice, that’s for sure! So, a lot of what we know today comes from the way our ancestors used these crystals, it is ancient knowledge.

Let's look at the science behind it shall we? 

According to the laws of physics everything and everybody on earth has a vibration, an energy. So do crystals.

Their energy field binds with yours to create harmony and balance.


Picture of a Clear quartz tower point shot in our garden. If you look closely you can see its aura :)  

Each crystal type vibrates at a certain frequency (has its own unique energy) depending on its molecular structure. This frequency emanates like ripples in a pond. Frequency is information in the form of energy. When you are near a crystal or physically hold one you are able to access that information, energy, frequency.

In other words, crystals have a stable energy frequency that doesn’t change because they are made of a fixed, repeating, perfect geometric pattern of molecules. This is the opposite of our constantly changing, non-stable human nature.

The more the energy is stable the more powerful it is, and this is exactly why crystals can so deeply influence our unstable human energy.

8. Does colour matter when choosing a crystal?

Each crystal has a different energetic frequency based on its molecular structure and also its colour(s). The colour red for instance vibrates at a lower frequency than blue.


Red is linked to the root chakra which is one of the lower chakras which vibrates at a lower frequency. No wonder Red Jasper is linked to grounding, courage and facing your problems.

Red Jasper 

Purple, on the other hand, represents the crown chakra which is linked to consciousness and spiritually. Therefore, Amethyst tends to be used to promote higher states of consciousness, it’s the go to stone for meditation, relaxation, and sleep. 


Amethyst Geode

9. How do crystals effect the chakras?

If a Charka is unbalanced, spinning too fast or too slow, placing a crystal near that chakra during breath work and meditation can “override” the way the chakra is spinning and rebalance it to its optimal frequency. This can happen in 5 minutes like it could take months of healing, it all depends on the person, their circumstances and level of intent in their practice.

One of the most powerful crystals is Clear Quartz, “white” light reflects ALL the colours of the spectrum. How powerful is that? This is why clear crystals are called the MASTER HEALERS!

clear quartz tower point in hand with sea background

Me holding our Clear Quartz tower point near the beach at sunset 


Picture showing the 7 main chakras in humans

Which colour crystal do you feel most attracted to today?

10. How and why do we need to cleanse our crystals?

Cleansing” is the word used to clean/ purify the energy of your crystals.

It is very important to cleanse your crystals so they can always work to their full potential. Crystals pick up and store energy from people and their surroundings, positive and negative which can, in turn, affect you.

So always cleanse your crystals before your first use and then at least once per month. If used regularly, cleanse them more often or when you feel it necessary, especially stones used for EMF (ElectroMagnetic Field) pollution protection (Amazonite, Smokey Quartz, Shungite, Black Tourmaline) which should ideally be cleansed once per week.

Cleanse your crystal by placing it:

  • Under the light of the Full Moon for a night
  • In direct sunlight for a few hours (caution, some crystals like Amethyst will eventually fade with too much direct sunlight)
  • In a bowl of uncooked dry brown rice over night
  • Bury them in the earth for a day (caution, some crystals like Selenite are brittle so handle with care)
  • Use smoke from a smudge stick, Palo Santo or incense for a few seconds around the crystal

Using a sage smudge stick

lit smudge stick on wood in garden

Home made smudge stick burning in our yard

11. Setting the intention and working with your crystals

There are many more crystals out there that can support you during these difficult times so we recommend you experiment with which ever crystal you feel attracted to.

Holding my Titanium coated Amethyst point.

There is no right or wrong way to use crystals, the most important factor that will determine your success working with them is believing in their power and setting the right intention when meditating or working with them in general.

This allows your energy to open and connect with the energetic field of the crystal, allowing it to work its magic!

The Lyn & Leroi Stillness of Mind set was created with inner peace & relaxation in mind. It's composed of an Amethyst cluster, Apatite, Orange Calcite and Tree Agate. 

The Lyn & Leroi Pain Relief crystal set was designed for helping to manage disconfort and pain. 

How do I set the right intention?

It’s really easy! Here is an example relating to back pain: 

  • Hold the crystal in your hand
  • Relax the mind, take a deep breath and calm the body
  • Ask the crystal out loud to help you heal your back pain
  • Be as specific as possible
  • Breath whilst feeling the energy of the crystal bind with yours
  • Thank the crystal
  • Put it back in it’s place
  • Remeber to cleanse it when you feel the need 

You can also create crystal grids! Here is one I made during the fall with Carnelian, Rose Quartz and Green Aventurine in the center. 

Crystals placed in a symmetrical shape create synergy and can be very powerful in helping you manifest your dreams and intentions. 

crystal grid in garden

12. How do I use these crystals directly on my body?

One of our favourite methods is to lie on your front (if possible) and place the stone on your back directly over the painful area for 15 minutes whilst you relax and set the intention of healing. If lying on your front is challenging then you can find a comfortable position lying on your. back or sitting or standing, and hold the crystal in your hand for 10-15 minutes whilst you think about how it would feel to be healed and pain free.

Can Crystals Cure You? Belief in the Power of Healing Stones Is Practically  as Old as Time | Discover Magazine

What Are Healing Crystals? Popular Crystals & Their Meanings | Allure


 History and fun facts of the most popular crystals 


History: Mined in the East before biblical times, Amethyst was used by ancient Egyptians as well as the Greeks and Romans.

The legend goes as follows: “Bacchus, the Greek God of pleasure and wine, fell in love with Amethyst, a beautiful maiden, but she rejected his advances. He vowed to seek revenge on her. Artemis took pity on the maiden and turned her into a crystalline quartz statue to protect her. Bacchus became enraged, pouring his chalice of wine over the statue, turning it light purple.” (Athena Perrakis, 2019)

Fun Fact: In Greek, Amethystos means “not drunk”.



History: Carnelian has a rich history which dates back to 334 BCE. It was used by the ancient Greeks and Romans to make sculptures and jewellery. Ancient Egyptians used it to make talismans to ward off the evil eye.

Fun Fact: Most carnelian sold nowadays is man-made, in other words, its Agate stone which has been died a red color. To tell the difference hold the carnelian against the light and the natural one will show a cloudy distribution rather than stripes.



History: The Greeks and the Romans were the first to recognize the quartz as a powerful crystal ( they called it “Krustallos” from the word “kruos”, meaning “icy cold”, because some believed it to be a form of super-cooled ice that could not melt)


History: Jasper has been and is still used for mosaics and ornamental objects. In ancient Egypt, Red Jasper was a symbol of fertility named the fertilizing blood of Mother Isis. Red Jasper was used as a talisman by warriors and carried as a source of protection

Fun Fact: The oldest Jasper is Kambaba Jasper, ageing at 4 billion years old


History: “Romans believed this stone prevented early aging and brought romantic love….in Egypt Cleopatra placed pieces in her bath. In Greece and Rome rose quartz was seen as gift from Cupid…” (Athena Perrakis, 2019)


tigers eye bracelet

Tiger's eye bracelet, a very popular stone for men 

History: Tiger's Eye is a protective crystal used by many civilizations as an amulet against negative energy and curses. It was also used by ancient Roman soldiers to protect them in battle

Fun Fact: The name Tiger’s eye come from the Tiger’s behavior. The Stone is believed to help keep calm, focused and courageous. All attributes of a tiger’s natural behavior.


History: In Greek mythology King Minos of Crete, son of Zeus used Selenite to build the walls of his palace. The walls seemed to glow from the inside when the light of the full moon shone on them.
Later, the ancient Romans used selenite stone towers to attract the energy of the moon. They also built windows, furniture and walls out of selenite

Fun Fact: “Ancient Greeks believed the Greek goddess of the Moon, Selene was trapped inside Selenite” (Athena Perrakis, 2019)


I hope you enjoyed this blog and that it has given you a little bit more knowledge and understanding into the fascinating world of crystals. I also truly hope that as you feel more connected and knowledgable around crystals so that you can also get to benefit from their magical power.

Don't forget to set your intentions! 

With love,

Mel & Neal 

“Crystals have been used for centuries to promote serenity and as a tool for meditation. They can be helpful allies in our quest for calm.”

Amy Leigh Mercree