Jade Eye Mask - 100% Natural & Hand Made


For the busy woman that is juggling a million things at once!

Let's be honest, in today's modern world we are busier than ever. All this excitement and multitasking comes at a price. Tiredness, headaches and puffy eyes are just a few adverse effects of this lifestyle. 

We found a good natural remedy that can help you relieve some of these symptons.

The Jade Eye Mask is made of natural green Jade, hand-made without added anything!

Can effectively relieve eye fatigue, relax the eyes, reduce inflammation whilst also promoting sleep.

For Rose Quartz and Amethyst Eye Masks please contact us at info@lynandleroi.com

Main benefits: Anti-aging, healing, promotes circulation, relaxes.

Cold therapy: Place mask in the fridge for 10 minutes before using. Can help with pain and headaches.

Healing properties: Jade is a cleansing stone which supports the lymphatic system by stimulating the body's filtration and elimination organs. It calms the nervous system, helps remove negative thoughts and soothes the mind.

Sold in its black carrier box as per the picture, mask weights 187g and measures 23cm x 9cm.

Caution: handle with care and always keep in proper storage

Cleaning & Cleansing: softly wash your eye mask after each use to remove any oils and impurities. Use a soft damp cloth or use warm (not hot) water with a very mild soap once per month. Do not use any harsh chemicals or chemical based cleaners. It's important to dry your mask really well before storing it. 

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Where possible our packaging is 80% recycled and fully biodegradable, we are constantly striving to minimize our impact on the environment

** For more information on crystal healing please click here **

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