Signal Shield box


Protection from electromagnetic signals...

We are constantly surrounded by electromagnetic signals, such as WIFI, microwaves, mobile phone antennas and 5G to name just a few. These signals negatively interfere with our psychological, emotional, mental and physical wellbeing possibly causing imbalances in all areas of our lives. These mighty protective crystals can be that first step to safeguarding you and your loved ones.

Box contains:

  • White drawer box, size: 12.5cm x 12.5cm x 4cm
  • Four healing crystals:

           Shungite- The Defender 

           Smokey Quartz - Prevention

           Black Tourmaline - The Shield

           Amazonite - The Filter

  • Organic cotton pouch to store/carry your crystals
  • A double sided infographic explaining the qualities of each crystal and some suggestions on how to use them
  • A Palo Santo stick for cleansing your crystal and your home

* Crystal size: 2-4cm 

* Note: You will not receive the exact crystals used in the picture 

Our crystals are natural and untreated just like Mother Nature intended, we therefore can't guarantee an exact size, shape or colour. We do our best to source the highest quality crystals from ethical suppliers and mines. 

Free shipping worldwide

Meaning cards are printed on 100% recycled paper

Where possible our packaging is 80% recycled and fully biodegradable, we are constantly striving to minimize our impact on the environment

** For more information on crystal healing please click here **

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