Black Tourmaline is a well known stone used for protection and clearing. 

It offers protection from negative energy coming from people, houses or electrical equipment like wifi & computers. Black stones/crystals like tourmaline, shungite, black onyx and black obsidian, to name a few, are usually used in protection work. 

When it's in a double ended raw form like this, black tourmaline is more powerful than the tumbled version. This particular shape allows for more anchoring, meaning it helps you better focus on your breath during meditation which in turn will help you go in a deeper meditative state. 

How to use them:

  • Carry it with you when you feel it necessary, keep it inside the Lyn & Leroi cotton pouch as tourmaline in its raw form can be brittle 
  • Keep it with you during your meditation 
  • Place it near your wifi box at home or near your computer at work 

You will receive: 

           Black Tourmaline

  • Organic cotton pouch to store/carry your crystal
  • Meaning card explaining the properties of black tourmaline
  • A Palo Santo stick for cleansing your crystals and your home

* Crystal size: 2-3cm 

* Note: You will not receive the exact crystals used in the picture 

Our crystals are natural and untreated just like Mother Nature intended, we therefore can't guarantee an exact size, shape or colour. We do our best to source the highest quality crystals from ethical suppliers and mines. 

Free shipping worldwide

Meaning cards are printed on 100% recycled paper

Where possible our packaging is 80% recycled and fully biodegradable, we are constantly striving to minimize our impact on the environment

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