Are you feeling flat, bored, energetically low? Are you having difficulty tapping into your creative and playful side?

Its time to let go, trust and let the inner chid free. 

Creativity = Healing 

 What's Included:

  • One crystal (size: 2-4cm)
  • Organic cotton pouch to store/carry your crystal (the pouch can carry up to 4 crystals)
  • Meaning cards explaining the properties of the crystal
  • A double-sided card explaining what crystals are and how to cleanse them
  • A Palo Santo stick for cleansing your crystals and your home

Healing properties: A strong motivator and empowering crystal. Perfect for the workplace for clarity of mind and to facilitate decision-making. This popular crystal also promotes self-trust, personal and financial success. It promotes courage, concentration and revitalizes the body and mind

Place: Keep it in your work space, office or home office, to help turn your dreams into reality. Alternatively, place it at the entrance to your home to invoke abundance. Use it during your meditation practice to help you anchor yourself to the present moment

History: Carnelian has a rich history which dates back to 334 BCE. It was used by the ancient Greeks and Romans to make sculptures and jewellery. Ancient Egyptians used it to make talismans to ward off the evil eye

Fun Fact: Most carnelian sold nowadays is man-made, in other words, its Agate stone which has been died a red color. To tell the difference hold the carnelian against the light and the natural one will show a cloudy distribution rather than stripes

Chakra: Base

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