Selenite Candle - Calm & Peacefulness


Weight: 800g-900g without packaging 

Dimensions of candle: height 7.5cm, base 8.5cm

Box contains:

  • One Selenite candle
  • Selenite meaning card
  • A Palo Santo stick for cleansing your crystal and your home

Healing properties: 

Selenite is a calming and peaceful mineral which can guide you during your spiritual and meditative practice.

Selenite candles and towers can be a great addition to your home. They emanate a subtle calming and beautiful aura whilst clearing negative energy.  

Selenite is also known as a nurturing stone which can assist mothers during breastfeeding and whilst caring for their newborn.

Species: Rock (Mineral)

Source: USA, Russia, Mexico, Austria, France, England 

Place: In your living room or in any other room in your house that needs cleansing.

Chakra: Balances and heals the Crown & Stellar Gateway chakras

Caution: Do not expose to water, Selenite is very brittle so handle with care

Cleansing: Use the smoke of a smudge stick or ethically sourced Palo Santo around the candle 


In Greek mythology King Minos of Crete, son of Zeus used Selenite to build the walls of his palace. The walls seemed to glow from the inside when the light of the full moon shone on them.

Later, the ancient Romans used selenite stone towers to attract the energy of the moon. They also built windows, furniture and walls out of selenite.

Fun Fact: “Ancient Greeks believed the Greek goddess of the Moon, Selene was trapped inside Selenite” (Athena Perrakis, 2019) 

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