The Ultimate Guide To Healing Crystals And Strength

Today we are going to learn how to use the power of crystals for physical strength and courage, with our guide to the best healing crystals for strength.

Are you ready to feel powerful? 

Life sometimes takes a toll on us, fatigue, stress, and trauma, to name just a few, can weaken us psychologically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually often leaving us with little energy and resources to work our way back to optimal health.

There are many things we can do to stay healthy and strong, from a balanced diet, regular exercise, to a daily mediation practice… and crystals are the cherry on the cake!

Crystals can be your daily reminder to connect with your inner power and focus on that which you want to manifest or keep manifesting in your life.

In other words, just like keeping a family portrait in your living room reminds you of good times spent with your loved ones, keeping a crystal near you might remind you, for example, to take time for yourself.

In this article we will learn how Rose Quartz can bring you sweet and gentle feelings of self-love and how Red Jasper can ignite a deep sense of courage and passion in your belly.

Without further ado, let’s get into the nitty gritty of crystals for physical and emotional strength and crystals to feel powerful.


1. Rose Quartz for emotional strength
2. Tiger’s Eye for personal power
3. Carnelian for physical energy
4. Red Jasper for courage


rose quartz for love


Physical strength and Emotional strength are interlinked. Here’s why:

Anger, shame, guilt, to name a few, are not always easily noticed within us because we can hold onto feelings unconsciously.
Emotions and feelings are often repressed and hidden deep within us until they manifest physically into an illness that can affect different organs and systems in our body.

Healing emotional pain, we believe, is essential to maintaining physical strength and wellbeing.

Crystals can facilitate, just like meditation can, to bring these emotions to the surface so they can be healed. In other words, fully recognized and accepted so we can release them.

Rose Quartz is THE crystal for emotional healing. I keep a rose quartz at the entrance to my house and 3 other ones in my bedroom (there was no particular reason for having 3, my daughter chose them for me ;) I placed them there so I can be reminded every single day that love is the ultimate solution to everything. Rose Quartz reminds me to love myself a little more and be more forgiving in general.

We recommend everyone has a rose quartz crystal in their home, in which ever form or size, as it is the ultimate crystal for the heart and for emotional balance and stability.

It has a soft and subtle energy to it so it should influence your vibration in a slow and loving manner.

You can get your Rose Quartz crystal in our Heart Connection Set, Healing Crystal Gem Water Bottle and the Rock Stars Box Set.


What is personal power?

“Personal power is based on strength, confidence, and competence that individuals gradually acquire in the course of their development. It is self-assertion and a natural, healthy striving for love, satisfaction, and meaning in one's interpersonal world.”

Tiger’s Eye is often associated with words such as power, strength, and clarity of intention.

This multicoloured stone helps gain clarity of mind, to recognize your talents and skills whilst assisting you in the accomplishment of your goals. It promotes self worth and dispels blocked creativity. This stone teaches integrity and the correct use of power.

These are all important attributes that feed your personal power.

How do I use Tiger’s Eye for personal power?

Keep it in your pocket or bag should you feel the need. Having it close to you helps as you can physically touch the stone whenever you feel the need.

Wear it in the form of a bracelet. Very sensitive people might not like to have crystals in constant contact with their skin, they might feel their energy is too strong. If this is the case for you please don’t wear crystal bracelets. If, on the other hand, you feel the need to have them close to you, crystal bracelets and necklaces can be very powerful.

Hold it during your meditation to help with grounding. Working with crystals whilst meditating can be very effective as you are already in a heighten state of consciousness and therefore you will be vibrating at a higher frequency which facilitates healing and the binding of your energy with that of the crystal. In other words the crystal has more chances of working its magic!

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Let’s take a step back and ask ourselves, what is physical energy?

From our point of view physical energy is our life force, the Chinese call it Qi/Chi and the Indians call it Prana. It’s a universal life force energy that flows in all beings.

Activating and amplifying this energy will allow you to experience higher levels of strength, vitality, and overall wellbeing. Carnelian is often described as the stone for creativity, motivation, and vitality.

Carnelian supports positive life choices, turning dreams into reality. …transmutes anger and victimhood into empowerment and motivation to get thing moving…” (The Crystal Companion, Judy Hall, 2018)

Where should I keep my Carnelian?

I keep my carnelian on my work desk as it’s known to be a powerful motivator, it helps inspire me when I write these blogs ;)

* Picture of a tumbled Carnelian in a Clear Quartz bowl near my computer. (Clear Quartz amplifies the power of other crystals and the bowl is perfect for holding your crystals) 

I also find Carnelian has a strong energy which only suits specific places in a household. For instance, I don’t like to keep carnelian in my bedroom where I want to relax and wind down, its energy is too strong and not inductive to sleep.

We are all different and might react differently to crystals so, as always, follow your intuition and instinct when choosing a place for your carnelian.

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There are many varieties of Jasper in the world, we like to work with the Red variety as it’s known to be more strongly connected to the earth and therefore more appropriate for grounding work.

It’s important to feel grounded and to have a strong base to optimize your physical and mental strength and power.

Jasper is also quick acting, stimulates the imagination and turns ideas into actions! It offers support during conflict and gives you the courage to face your challenges. In fact, Red Jasper was used as a talisman by warriors and carried as a source of protection.

This is all great information but how do I use Red Jasper?

Apologies for repeating myself once again, you should use crystals in whichever way you feel inspired to.

If you are about to enter a challenging or scary situation or going through a particularly rough time in your life, I suggest keeping this stone in your pocket or wearing it in a necklace or bracelet. As explained above, having crystals in direct contact with you skin for prolonged periods of time can be very powerful.

Remember to cleanse it daily under running cold water. Running cold water helps quickly remove all the negative and dense energy it has accumulated.

You can get your Red Jasper crystal in our Courage Set and The Rock Stars box set.

* Picture of Tiger's Eye and Red Jasper (found in our Courage Set


To summarise, the four best crystals for physical strength and power are Rose Quartz, Tiger’s Eye, Red Jasper and Carnelian.

We feel these four crystals work well in synergy together, forming a complete base energy grid in which healing and strength may flow.

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog and found the information useful in your quest to feel stronger and more powerful in all areas of your life.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us on we would love to hear from you!

“Crystals have been used for centuries to promote serenity and as a tool for meditation. They can be helpful allies in our quest for calm.”

Amy Leigh Mercree