Why You Should Be Using Crystals In the Home

Have you ever walked into someone’s home and immediately felt at ease, relaxed and positive? Or have you ever entered a house and felt negative energy, darkness, and a general state of unease?

There is a connection between your home and your sense of wellness as it is a reflection of your inner emotional state. Whatever energy you put out, will be absorbed, and reflected, affecting you and others close by in return.

Sometimes a home can feel sad, dark, stuffy and heavy, whereas a happy home can feel light, airy and vibrant. Most houses are a mix of both. Walk around your house with this in mind and you will discover the areas in your house that will need cleansing. (For more in-depth information on cleansing, please refer to our crystal guide)

As you walk around your house, you may find some areas feel energetically blocked and you are at a loss as to why. This can be due to some factors other than your present emotional state, like the layout of your house, as very few living spaces are designed with energetic flow in mind.

Well isn’t that what Chinese Feng Shui is all about? Yes. “Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art of arranging buildings, objects, and space in an environment to achieve harmony and balance.” For more information visit https://www.nationalgeographic.org.

Crystals can really help bring harmony and healing to your home, they enhance your environment and create a safe space for your own healing.

Any crystal of any shape and size can be placed in any room of a house, building or office, there is no wrong or right way when it comes to crystals. It’s all about following your intuition and what you are attracted to at that time in your life journey.

That said, there are crystals that are more known to help in the house as they were used in ancient times for home protection.


1) Black Tourmaline for protection
2) Clear Quartz for positive energy
3) Amethyst for sleep
4) Tree Agate for grounding & connecting to the earth

Black Tourmaline for protection

 black tourmaline

Tumbled version 

We have mentioned black stones in our previous blogs and how they are the best stones for protection as the black colour absorbs negative energy.
When they are placed at the entrance to your house they can really be beneficial by creating an energy field that protects the house from any negative energy from coming in.

Due to design or function, some spaces are naturally more blocked than others, like a front hallway, where lots of different positive and negative energies pass through as we come and go, interacting and exchanging energies with the outside world. The negative energies brought home can accumulate, over time, in this area or by your front door. The hallway can also be narrow and cramped for example, hindering even more, the free flow of energy.

Raw version

Bear in mind, when we refer to “negative” energy, it is not necessarily someone purposefully sending bad thoughts your way (although that can also be the case). We are referring more to any feelings of sadness, fear, anger, jealousy etc that any person may be feeling as they pass through. This can be directed towards themselves, a scenario or even someone not present, as they pass through an area. As the universe is impartial, all energies will be picked up and if too much toxic energy builds up, it can really start to affect those present!

You can find your Black Tourmaline in raw form here  or in the Tumbled version in the Pain Relief set, Signal Shield box, Peaceful Warrior box and the Rock Stars box

Clear Quartz for positive energy

Tumbled version 

Clear Quartz is one of the most powerful and high vibrational crystals on the planet. It amplifies the bio magnetic field around the body absorbing negative energy and adjusting energy. A true Master Healer, it is used to treat any condition, harmonising the mental, psychological, spiritual and physical body.

Having it in your home, in your living room for example, can be really healthy for your home and can uplift your spirit.

Tower point version

You can find your Clear Quartz in the Anxious Mind healing set (tumbled), in the Good Fortune box (geode form), the Rock Stars box (tumbled). 

 Amethyst for sleep

Amethyst is known as the crystal of the mind, it helps calm the overthinking and over reacting mind, it’s a natural tranquilliser that soothes and relives stress.

The perfect stone for meditation, it encourages spiritual awakening and the balancing of emotions.

Rough / raw version in cluster form

Heart shaped version on a stand (raw form)

We suggest keeping it in your bedroom, on your bedside table or in the room where you usually meditate.

You can find your Amethyst in all shapes and sizes on our website :) 

Tree Agate for grounding and connecting with nature

This is an important stone to have in your home if you live in the city and live above the ground floor. The further you are up the building the more distant you are from the earth and its healing and grounding energy.

Tree Agate is said to vibrate at the same frequency as this earth.
This stone will strengthen your connection to the earth and nature. It generates a peaceful environment, allowing you to stay centered and calm in moments of stress and confusion.


The short and simple answer is: anywhere! BUT there are a few areas that seem to work well. I have listed a few and explained why:

- The entrance to your house: you and your guests come and go from the house through this entrance bringing in all kinds of unwanted energies. Having a crystal near your entrance, especially Black Tourmaline, on the floor or on a plate can help filter through what you let into your house.

Civilizations all around the world used to and many still do, have a symbolic object at the entrance to their house to ward off any negative energy. During our trip to Peru a local tribe had two cows made of clay hanging on their door outside their house.
We have a tumbled Black Tourmaline and a tumbled Rose Quartz at the entrance to our house. One for protection and one for love. We want anyone coming into our house to feel loved.

- Living room: the living/ dining room is where we usually spend most of our time. Having a nice stone visible to everyone can make the room more attractive both energetically and aesthetically.

- Bedroom: for me this is the most important room of the house. It’s where I take the time to slow down, breathe and look back at my day. It’s where I sleep and re-energize my body every single night. Amethyst or Selenite or both can be helpful in promoting good sleep and bringing you a sense of peacefulness.

Our Selenite lamp in our bedroom 


We believe that the crystals in your home and those in your bedroom especially should change on a regular basis depending on how you feel and what kind of result you are trying to accomplish from the use of that crystal.

- Amethyst is always helpful for sleep but it can, if too large, become overwhelming over time. I recommend a small tumbled amethyst under your pillow or a small cluster on your bedside table.

- Selenite or a selenite lamp can really “clear the air” in your bedroom. It's warm light and soft glow can make you quite sleepy ;)


Another increasingly common theme is that many of us sit, working (and also for pleasure! ;) at computer screens all day and feel stressed out and a bit “wired” or “burned out” after so many hours exposure to electromagnetic fields and signals.

With the advent of recent events over the past 18 months (Covid-19), more and more of us find ourselves working at home for long hours instead of at the office. This has led to a major surge in electromagnetic fields in the house, from increased computer, mobile phone and signal booster use in the home.

Black Tourmaline in raw form, Rose Quartz in raw form

These fields affect all people, pets and plants in the immediate area and also the surrounding walls and furniture of your home.

We suggest having the following 3 stones on your work desk:

Carnelian to boost creativity and inspire you

Sodalite to promote harmony in teamwork

Smokey Quartz for EMF protection, protection from Wi-Fi, computers, and electronic equipment in general. EMF pollution is an actual type of pollution that scientists are studying more and more as we speak. 

I really hope this blog has helped you better understand why you should have crystals in your home and inspired you to start decorating your house with these beautiful and powerful gifts from mother nature.

Our home requires healing just as much as we do.

After-all a balanced home is a happy home :) 

“Crystals have been used for centuries to promote serenity and as a tool for meditation. They can be helpful allies in our quest for calm.”

Amy Leigh Mercree