A crystal is a material composed of atoms, molecules or ions that have formed and arranged in a crystalline structure. The word "crystal" and the word "stone" or "gemstone" have their own meaning depending on whether you are a gem collector, a geologist or an architect for instance. In healing, the word crystal and stone are typically used interchangeably.

Crystals have been used since thousands of years by many civilizations dating at least as far back as the Sumerians in 5000BC. Records show that Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Chinese and Native Americans used crystals as decoration, jewellery, amulets and for healing. Check out our in depth Crystal Guide below for the history on each stone.

According to the laws of physics everything and everybody on earth has a vibration, an energy. So do crystals. Their energy field binds with yours to create harmony and balance. Each type of crystal has its own unique energy and will assist you throughout your life depending on your needs.
Each crystal type vibrates at a certain frequency depending on their molecular structure. This frequency emanates like ripples in a pond. Frequency is information in the form of energy. When you are near a crystal or physically hold one you are able to access that information, energy, frequency.
Your thoughts are also energy, so remember to program your crystals to do what you need them to do by holding them in your hand and setting your intentions...then let the magic happen!

Cleansing is the word used to clean/ purify the energy of your crystals. It is very important to cleanse your crystals so they can always work to their full potential. Crystals pick up energy from people and their surroundings, positive and negative which can, in turn, affect you. So always cleanse your crystals before your first use and then at least once per month. If used regularly, cleanse them more often or when you feel it necessary, especially stones used for EMF (ElectroMagnetic Field) pollution protection (Amazonite, Smokey Quartz, Shungite, Black Tourmaline) which should ideally be cleansed once per week. Cleanse your crystal by placing it: • Under the light of the Full Moon for a night • In direct sunlight for a few hours • In a bowl of uncooked dry brown rice over night • Bury them in the earth for a day • Use smoke from a smudge stick, Palo Santo or incense for a few seconds around the crystal All of the above methods can be used interchangeably, however, some of these processes don't suit certain varieties of crystals. If that's the case we have highlighted this in the crystal description in the Crystal Guide below, in our Crystal Box Sets and in our e-shop.



Color: Green, Blue-green

Species: Feldspar

Source: Colorado, Brazil, India, Kenya, Madagascar, Namibia and Russia

Healing properties: Protects you from EMF (ElectroMagnetic Frequencies) pollution coming from WiFi signals, 5G, cell phones, microwaves and all other electrical equipment and antennas we are constantly surrounded with. Amazonite also calms the nervous system and soothes the body and mind. When you have a challenge, problem or conflict Amazonite helps you see both sides of the problem, it is also said to balance masculine and feminine energies within you

Place: Carry it in your pocket or bag for protection. Place it near your computer or WiFi box to minimize their negative effects

History: In ancient Egypt this stone was used as jewellery, in pre-Columbian days in South America it was also used in jewellery and believed to help cure illnesses and heal wounds

Chakra: Heart and Throat

Caution: Do not expose to direct sunlight for long periods of time

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Color: Purple to pale red

Species: Quartz

Source: Brazil, Uruguay, Madagascar, Zambia, Uruguay, Burma, India, Canada, Mexico, Namibia, Russia, Sri Lanka & USA

Healing properties: Amethyst is known as the crystal of the mind, it helps calm the overthinking and over reacting mind, it’s a natural tranquilliser that soothes and relives stress. The perfect stone for meditation, it encourages spiritual awakening and the balancing of emotions. It repels negative energies and protects you and those around you against psychic attack

Place: Hold it in your hand or near you during your mediation and yoga practice. Place it in your bedroom or under your pillow for a more restful sleep. Keep it visible in your living room to create a feeling of peacefulness in your home and repel negative energies

History: Mined in the East before biblical times, Amethyst was used by ancient Egyptians as well as the Greek and Romans The legend goes as follows: “Bacchus, the Greek God of pleasure and wine, fell in love with Amethyst, a beautiful maiden, but she rejected his advances. He vowed to seek revenge on her. Artemis took pity on the maiden and turned her into a crystalline quartz statue to protect her. Bacchus became enraged, pouring his chalice of wine over the statue, turning it light purple.” (Athena Perrakis, 2019)

Chakra: Crown (just above your head)

Fun Fact: In Greek, Amethystos means “not drunk”

Caution: Do not expose to direct sunlight for long periods of time or expose to water

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Color: Colorless, pink, yellow, green, blue, violet

Species: Apatite

Source: Mexico, Norway, Russia, USA

Healing properties: This stone inspires, stimulates creativity and increases motivation. It encourages social interaction in the way of helping and serving others. It can be helpful for hyperactive children or those suffering from autism. It helps release energy in the base chakra, clears confusion and calms the nerves

Place: Carry it with you during emotionally difficult days. Place it wherever you feel it appropriate

History: Samples of rocks found on the moon during the Apollo program in the 1970’s contained traces of Apatite. Apatite is a high source of phosphorous, so it is widely used to manufacture fertilizer

Fun Fact: This Stone is named after the Greek word “apate”, which means "deceit", since Apatite is similar to many other stones and minerals, such as Topaz and Tourmaline and can be easily confused with them

Chakra: Base & Third eye

Caution: Do not expose to water

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Color: Black & other colors (pink, red etc.)

Species: Tourmaline

Source: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka

Healing properties: This crystal not only shields you and the space around you from EMF (ElectroMagnetic Frequencies) pollution from WiFi, 5G, cell phones, microwaves and all other electrical equipment and antennas but also from negative and toxic energies and the ill will of others. It helps you clear your body and mind of negative thoughts. It strengthens the immune system and encourages positive thinking

Place: Keep it in your pocket or bag for protection. Place it near any electrical equipment such as your WIFI box or cell phone. Keep it on your desk at work

History: Egyptians spoke of tourmaline in their legends. African and Australian tales speak of tourmaline helping predict the future. In Europe the name Schorl (another name for black tourmaline) dates back to the year 1400 where this stone was mined near a German village that used to be called Schorl

Fun Fact: “Egyptian legends say that tourmaline formed in the center of the earth before passing through a rainbow on its way to the sun, which accounts for its full spectrum growth pattern in nearly every color” (Athen Perrakis, 2019)

Chakra: Base

Caution: None

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Color: Brownish red to orange

Species: Chalcedony

Source: Brazil, India, Uruguay

Healing properties: A strong motivator and empowering crystal. Perfect for the workplace for clarity of mind and to facilitate decision-making. This popular crystal also promotes self-trust, personal and financial success. It promotes courage, concentration and revitalizes the body and mind

Place: Keep it in your work space, office or home office, to help turn your dreams into reality. Alternatively, place it at the entrance to your home to invoke abundance. Use it during your meditation practice to help you anchor yourself to the present moment

History: Carnelian has a rich history which dates back to 334 BCE. It was used by the ancient Greeks and Romans to make sculptures and jewellery. Ancient Egyptians used it to make talismans to ward off the evil eye

Fun Fact: Most carnelian sold nowadays is man-made, in other words, its Agate stone which has been died a red color. To tell the difference hold the carnelian against the light and the natural one will show a cloudy distribution rather than stripes

Chakra: Base

Caution: None

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Color: Colorless, transparent, striated

Species: Quartz

Source: Worldwide, mainly Brazil, Madagascar, USA & the Alps

Healing properties: Clear Quartz is one of the most powerful and high vibrational crystals on the planet. It amplifies the bio magnetic field around the body absorbing and adjusting energy. A true Master Healer, it is used to treat any condition, harmonising the mental, psychological, spiritual and physical body

Place: Hold it in your hand or near you during your mediation and yoga practice. Carry it with you in your bag or pocket. Place it anywhere you feel appropriate. It enhances the power of all other crystals, simply place the clear quartz next to another crystal to amplify its powers

History: The Greeks and the Romans were the first to recognize the quartz as a powerful crystal ( they called it “Krustallos” from the word “kruos”, meaning “icy cold”, because some believed it to be a form of super-cooled ice that could not melt)

Chakra: All

Caution: None

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Color: Green, gold-brown, metallic glittery appearance

Species: Quartz

Source: Brazil, India, Austria, Russia & Tanzania

Healing properties: A stone of prosperity, growth and physical healing. Aventurine has a strong connection to nature. This green quartz crystal attracts luck, future growth, expansion and wealth in your life. It offers support should you venture outside your comfort zone, helping you to be more confident

Place: Place it in the south east corner of your home to attract wealth. Keep it in your pocket or bag as your good luck charm. Place it near plants to help them grow. Hold it near your heart chakra to stimulate your heart energy, healing and keep away negative energies

History: Ancient Tibetans decorated the eyes of their statues with Aventurine, to symbolically increase the statue’s visionary powers. Aventurine was frequently used to decorate ornaments and jewellery

Chakra: Heart

Caution: Do not expose to direct sunlight for long periods of time

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Color: Light to dark orange

Species: Calcite

Source: USA, UK, Belgium, Peru, Iceland, Romania, Brazil to name a few

Healing properties: This stone encourages inner peace and revitalizes the body at the same time. It helps clear and calm the mind by removing stagnant energies and balancing emotions. Physically it strengthens the immune system. Emotionally and spiritually it cleanses and purifies, opening the heart chakra and promoting trust in yourself and others

Place: Place this stone in your bedroom or carry it with you should you feel the need

History: Ancient Egyptians carved items out of calcite

Fun Fact: Calcite is the main component of limestone and marble

Chakra: All depending on its color, Orange Calcite works well with the lower chakras

Caution: Do not expose to water

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Color: Red

Species: Chalcedony

Source: Worldwide

Healing properties: Jasper will support you during times of illness and stress by helping you be more relaxed. Jasper offers support during conflict and gives you the courage to face your problems and challenges. It also promotes quick thinking and absorbs negative energy. Strong red varieties are very good for grounding and making you feel more in tune and connected to nature and mother earth. Red Jasper heals the base (root) chakra located at the base of your spine. It is said to prolong sexual pleasure

Place: Place under your pillow at night to help remember your dreams. Use it as you feel appropriate at the time

History: Jasper has been and is still used for mosaics and ornamental objects. In ancient Egypt, Red Jasper was a symbol of fertility named the fertilizing blood of Mother Isis. Red Jasper was used as a talisman by warriors and carried as a source of protection

Fun Fact: The oldest Jasper is Kambaba Jasper, ageing at 4 billion years old

Chakra: Depends on color, Red Jasper helps balance the base chakra

Caution: None

Color: Strong to pale pink

Species: Quartz

Source: Brazil, Madagascar, India, Mozambique, Namibia, Sri Lanka and USA

Healing properties: Meet the crystal of the heart, emanating the energy of pure love and peace. This stone promotes self-love which is the foundation to help receive any outside source of love. It helps heal from a breakup or any type of loss

Place: Place it near your front door to strengthen your partnership, marriage and relationships. You can also carry it in your pocket to boost to boost self-love. Should you ever have a dispute with your neighbour, place this crystal between your home and theirs to promote peace, acceptance and well being

History: “Romans believed this stone prevented early aging and brought romantic love….in Egypt… Cleopatra placed pieces in her bath. In Greece and Rome rose quartz was seen as gift from Cupid…” (Athena Perrakis, 2019)

Chakra: Heart

Caution: Do not expose to direct sunlight for long periods of time

Color: Coal-black stone with a slight or strong metallic silver shade

Source: Russia

Healing properties: A strong shielding stone which protects you from the negative effects of EMF (ElectroMagnetic Frequencies) pollution from WiFi, 5G, cell phones, microwaves and all other electrical equipment and antennas. Shungite is said to absorb hazardous substances such as EMF and protect your aura from it. More recently it has become very popular to make Shungite activated drinking water by using raw or tumbled Shungite. For more information click here

Place: Place it near your computer, TV or WiFi box to soak up unwanted frequencies and energies. Keep it next to your bed to help with insomnia and stress. Use it to make Shungite water by placing the stone inside your glass of filtered water. Drink with a straw. Make sure you clean the stone under running water before use. For more information click here

History: This particular organic stone is over 2 billion years old and only found in the Karelia region of Russia

Fun Fact: The name Shungite comes from the Russian village of Shunga where this rock was first discovered

Chakra: All

Caution: None

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Color: Brown to black, smoky gray

Species: Quartz

Source: Brazil, Madagascar, Russia, Scotland, Switzerland, Ukraine

Healing properties: Quartz is a naturally very powerful crystal regardless of its color. Just like the clear quartz it amplifies the bio magnetic field around the body absorbing and adjusting energy. A true Master Healer. The Smokey variety is an excellent grounding and anchoring stone. It helps detoxify the body of pollutants and the mind of toxic emotional conditions. It protects against EMF (electromagnetic frequency) pollution

Place: Under your pillow for a more restful sleep. During your meditation practice to help raise your vibrations Near any source of EMF. To help with pain relief place it on the painful part of your body

History: “The first reference to Quartz dates to 1530 when it was described by …a German metallurgist…” (Athena Perrakis, 2019)

Chakra: Base, Earth Star, Gaia Gateway

Caution: None

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Color: White, blue, gray

Species: Sodalite

Source: Brazil, Greenland, India, Canada, Namibia, Russia

Healing properties: This stone stimulates the third eye and helps reach deeper meditative states. It reduces mental confusion. It helps create harmony and balance during group work.

Place: Use it during your meditation practice. Keep with you in your bag or pocket for long periods of time to help you balance your emotions and calm the body and mind. Place it on your desk at work to facilitate group interaction, harmony and trust with your co workers. Psychologically it is said to bring emotional balance and calms panic attacks

History: Sodalite was first discovered in 1811 in Greenland but it did not become widely used as an ornamental stone until 1891 when large deposits were discovered in Ontario, Canada

Chakra: Throat & Third eye

Caution: None

Color: Gold yellow, gold brown

Species: Quartz

Source: South Africa, Australian Burma, India, Namibia and USA

Healing properties: This multicoloured stone helps gain clarity of mind, to recognize your talents and skills, assisting you in the accomplishment your goals. It promotes self worth and dispels blocked creativity. This stone teaches integrity and the correct use of power. For children it helps against bullying and it supports children born with higher new energetic frequencies that find difficulties fitting in

Place: Keep it in your pocket or bag should you feel the need. Wear it on your right arm in the form of a bracelet. Hold it during your meditation to help with grounding and protection

History: Tiger's Eye is a protective crystal used by many civilizations as an amulet against negative energy and curses. It was also used by ancient Roman soldiers to protect them in battle

Fun Fact: The name Tiger’s eye come from the Tiger’s behavior. The Stone is believed to help keep calm, focused and courageous. All attributes of a tiger’s natural behavior

Chakra: Solar plexus, Third eye

Caution: Do not expose to water

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Color: Brown, green with tree like markings

Species: Chalcedony

Source: USA, India, Brazil

Healing properties: Tree Agate vibrates at the same frequency as this earth. This stone will strengthen your connection to the earth and nature. It generates a peaceful environment, allowing you to stay centered and calm in moments of stress and confusion. This earthly stone will bring you abundance in all areas of your life, especially in business and agriculture

Place: In the earth of your house plant pots to stimulate their growth and wellbeing. Carry it with you for grounding and feeling more in tune with nature

History: Considered a Talisman in parts of India since centuries

Fun Fact: The Indian Tree Agate stone used to be transported via the Arabian harbor of Mocha, hence the name Mocha Stone

Chakra: Base

Caution: None

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Color: Pure white, orange, blue, brown, green

Species: Rock (Mineral)

Source: USA, Russia, Mexico, Austria, France, England to name a few

Healing properties: A calming and peaceful mineral which can guide you during your spiritual and meditative practice. Selenite candles and towers can be a great addition to your home. They emanate a subtle calming and beautiful aura whilst clearing negative energy. Selenite is also known as a nurturing stone which can assist mothers during breastfeeding and whilst caring for their newborn

Place: Hold the stone during your meditation. Place it near your bed or under your pillow when sleeping. Place it in corners around the house where you feel it appropriate Place the selenite candle in your living room or in any other room in your house that needs cleansing

History: In Greek mythology King Minos of Crete, son of Zeus used Selenite to build the walls of his palace. The walls seemed to glow from the inside when the light of the full moon shone on them. Later, the ancient Romans used selenite stone towers to attract the energy of the moon. They also built windows, furniture and walls out of selenite

Fun Fact: “Ancient Greeks believed the Greek goddess of the Moon, Selene was trapped inside Selenite” (Athena Perrakis, 2019)

Chakra: Crown & Stellar gateway

Caution: Do not expose to water and handle with caution as very brittle if in its raw form