Orange Calcite tower point


This fun bright orange calcite crystal is a great addition and a splash of color and positivity for your home! It's ideal for you if you are suffering specifically from back pain, especially lower back pain, and need to rebalance and sustain your sacral chakra. 

Crystal tower points represent power and strength. They are perfect to use in grid work and to recharge other crystals.

They are powerful and beautiful pieces to keep in your home or work place.

Weight: 1 kg without packaging 

Dimensions: Base 7cm, Height 13cm (approximate as its not evenly shaped) 

Box contains: the exact same piece, information cards & a Palo Santo stick for cleansing your crystal and your home.

Emotional Healing: This stone encourages inner peace and revitalizes the body at the same time. It helps clear and calm the mind by removing stagnant energies and balancing emotions. Physically it strengthens the immune system. Emotionally and spiritually it cleanses and purifies, opening the heart chakra and promoting trust in yourself and others.

Species: Calcite

Place: Place anywhere in your home to create a feeling of peacefulness

Caution: Do not expose to water

Cleansing: Place under the light of the full moon for one night or/and use the smoke from a smudge stick or palo santo stick around the crystal at least once per month or when you feel it necessary

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Where possible our packaging is 80% recycled and fully biodegradable, we are constantly striving to minimize our impact on the environment

** For more information on crystal healing please click here ** 

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